The Oldham Quiet Ones
20 Brennan Court

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Welcome to The Oldham Quiet Ones
Registered Charity Number 273635.

We are laryngectomy patients and their companions who have come together to form a group that represents our interests, as well as providing mutual understanding and reassurance.  Our aim is to bring together any laryngectomy patient who wishes to join, plus a companion, in an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable.

Although known as the Oldham Quiet Ones, membership has no geographical boundaries and is made up of people from all the surrounding areas. The 30 or so members of our group meet on the last Saturday every 2 months except December.  We meet at Royton Band Club, Sandy Lane, Royton, OL2 5QP.
Those who are laryngectomees and have suffered throat cancer, whilst giving the group its identity, welcome other members, in about equal numbers, who attend to give us their support.

At out meetings feelings are openly expressed. This is because we know that feedback from others sharing their own experience is invaluable in helping each other to cope.  Each person is valued as an individual in their own right and we try to make sure they are not bamboozled by everyone else.  Everyone is encouraged to participate but nobody is put under any pressure to do so.  No one is allowed to dominate and all are listened to.

Seeing others around you who are similarly affected but keen to move forward not only stimulates a healthy desire to overcome ones own problems but is a great opportunity to make new friends.  If this is achieved we have served our purpose.

From time to time specialist speakers are invited to give us the benefit of their expertise.  

WE are completely self-funding through raffles and other money-raising events throughout the year plus donations from our meetings

Regular social outings for members and their friends are organised and have included an annual bowls tournament, dog racing, coach trips, a twice yearly lunch in Blackpool, Christmas lunch etc.

WE believe our "Quiet Ones" is successful but success does not happen automatically. Ours is due to our Speech Therapist who attends all our meetings with a colleague.

Decisions within the group, through our chairman, are shared by all but she is our guide and we rely on her expertise and experience. In addition, both she and her colleague provide face to face contact for those of us who may wish to discuss something privately.  Although differences do arise, and are allowed, such differences are not allowed to disrupt the working of our group.
We hope you will consider membership is worthwhile, but equally important is the self-confidence you will gain from seeing that other people have a favourable view of you as an individual.  No one has to plough their own furrow in coping with their condition - you can always confide in a new friend you have made at The Quiet Ones.

Supportive, critical, serious and humorous, that is Oldham Quiet Ones. Why not come and see if it suits you?
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